Mudbug-His Story

Mudbug-His Story

Wow!  We’ve been blown away by all of the interest in our beloved Mudbug and in our program at Golden Ranch Whitetails. So,we thought we’d share some background information on our old friend for all of you who are interesteimag0135d.  This might also help to answer several of your questions.


First, we would like to thank everyone for sharing and liking the video of one of our favorite animals on the farm.  We would also like to give all of you a little history of this buck named Mudbug. He was born on June 4, 2010 at Whitetail Rack Ranch in Sicily Island, Louisiana, owned by Charles Black. Charles knew this deer was going to be a special deer from the beginning. At a week old he was sleeping in the bed with Charles. Mudbug was his shadow.  He would go to Lions club meetings and to the hardware store; he would even stand outside of the door and call for him until he opened it. Charles even taught him to “shake”, like a dog. The things that Mudbug loved most were his cookies. He was a cookie hog.  He would do anything and everything to get more cookies. When he was tranquilized to be moved, have antlers cut, or be seen by a doctor he always woke up slowly. He milked it as for as long as he could because it meant more cookies for him. The longer he pretended to sleep the more cookies he thought he would get.  When he was four years old he came to Golden Ranch Whitetails, and we had the chance to see why Charles loved this deer so much. He was very easy to fall in love with. You could call for him at timag1037he fence and he would come running for his cookies. You could even put the cookie in your mouth and he would take it out.  The 3 years that we were able to spend with him were way too short.  He was a once in a lifetime deer that would have never been harvested.  His look, demeanor and his laid back ways are carrying on through every one of his offspring. We miss him dearly.


In the video that most of you have seen, this was Mudbug, in his element doing what he loved!! He had recently been sedated for a medical checkup and we were waking him up with his favorite snack.  Every time we woke him up, he did this. He was not shot, he was not bleeding from the head, he was not dying.  He was ENJOYING more cookies while we were attempting to wake him up. What may look like blood to you is actually a process called “shedding velvet”.  This is soimag1047mething deer go through yearly.  Here’s an article explaining the science behind that process for those of you who may be interested. Unfortunately, Mudbug did pass away last year due to injuries sustained from another deer shortly after this video was taken.  It is very common for two males to become territorial and the end result was not something we wanted.  It was a very sad day on our farm.


We’ve seen lots of questions about our operation and would like to answer some of them for you.  We are a deer breeding farm and we also have a preserve that consists of 1250 acres. We breed deer to improve our genetics in our preserve. The deer that are released in to our preserve are tagged and will never be harvested.  They are part of our farm. The deer that you see being bottle fed will never be released from our farm.  That is our breeding stock. We do sell deer to other ranches that range from hundreds to thousands of acres. They are doing this to improve their genetics and if the animal is harvested it will feed that lucky person’s family for a long time.


We truly hope everyone sees what we were able to see in Mudbug every day-his lazy, loving, animal cracker eating, laid back ways!!  He has been missed on our farm and will continue to be for a very long time.  Thank you for your time.

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