Superior Genetics


Golden Ranch Whitetails is located in Gheens, Louisiana, which is located in between New Orleans and Houma. GRW is nestled on Golden Ranch Plantation, which is 50,000 acres of continuous land that consist of freshwater marshes, cypress swamps and hard oak ridges. We strive on managing and growing big health deer, not only in the breeding facility but on the entire property.


GRW has two breeding facilities, one with 100% proven northern bloodlines and one 50% northern and 50% southern bloodlines. We have concentrated on genetics to produce big typicals with great main frames. Our lineage ranges from 250″ to 580″. Our deer have long-term exposure to EHD and have come out as the strongest and most resistant of our herd. Our success in raising huge, tough EHD resistant deer always brings us premium prices. They will do the same for you.