The Golden Ranch Whitetails Program (GRW) is a part of Golden Ranch Farms and is owned by Arlen Benny Cenac. He began leasing the property in 1984 and purchased the entire property of Golden Ranch Planation in 1998 because of the immense diversity of the 52,000-acre property. Located in Gheens, LA, the large tract of land consists of freshwater marsh, cypress swamps and hard ridges that house several species of wildlife. Cenac is very passionate about preserving the vast property and its land, as well as, the conservation of wildlife. This sparked his interest in growing a greater deer population, which segued into the ranch’s whitetail deer program.


Golden Ranch Whitetails began in October of 2014 with the purchase of Whitetail Rack Ranch from Charles Black in Sicily Island, Louisiana. It features two separate breeding facilities. The first concentrates on 100% northern bloodlines while the second focuses on 50% Louisiana and 50% northern.  Since its conception, the Golden Ranch Whitetails Program has concentrated on genetics to produce big typicals with great main frames. The lineages range from 250” to 580”. The program prides itself on only using bucks with strong mainframes.


The program prides itself on only using bucks with strong mainframes.  Another important aspect of GRW is producing hardy deer. Mister systems, which produce weaker deer, are not included on this farm. This ensures deer will be tough survivors. These deer have excellent track records being released into hunting enclosures as breeders and as superior survivors in breeding operations.


GRW deer have long-term exposure to EHD and have come out as the strongest and most resilient in the herd. The success in raising huge, tough EHD resistant deer always brings premium prices. They will do the same for you.