Golden Ranch Employee Volunteers with Cajun Navy

2019-11-11T11:50:31-06:00November 10th, 2019|
As the biggest rainstorm in the history of the continental United States created by Hurricane Harvey took over Corpus Christi, Houston and surrounding areas this past week the media was overflowing with pictures and stories of sadness, loss and grief. In between the devastation, we would sometimes stumble on pictures and writings of gratitude and hopefulness along with strangers coming from surrounding states and areas to help those who were affected.   One of our very own employees from Golden Ranch Whitetails, Connor Breaux, was one of those selfless strangers who took off in a moment’s notice to join the Cajun Navy as they traveled to Dickinson, TX on a search and rescue mission.   The Cajun Navy was formed in New Orleans, Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina in 2006. Hundreds of people with boats gathered together to rescue thousands who were trapped by flood waters. They state directly on their Facebook page, “We the people of Louisiana refuse to stand by and wait for help in the wake of disasters in our State. We rise up and unite and rescue our neighbors!”   In August 2016, when homes were flooded in and around Lafayette, Louisiana, the Cajun Navy took form once again to save the lives of so many families affected by an unexpected rainstorm that loomed over the area and dropped 20 to 25 inches in 36 hours.   Fast forward a few days over a year later, the heroic men and women of the Cajun Navy fleet gather together with their trucks and boats to create a caravan over 5 miles long as they headed to Texas as Volunteers. These people come from all over Louisiana with families of their own that they leave behind to assist thousands of strangers. Owner of Golden Ranch Whitetails, Arlen “Benny” Cenac Jr. says, “I couldn’t be more proud of Connor and the vital role he is playing in helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey.” Mr. Cenac take’s great pride in his employees and is immensely grateful for his actions which is one of the reasons why it was no question when Benny decided that Connor would still receive his normal pay that he receives from Golden Ranch as he spends an unknown amount of time doing his volunteer work in Texas. The Cajun Navy is working on perfecting their ever growing system of search and rescue. They are currently taking requests through a ticketing system that can be found here. As stated by Damien Callais, the founder of the Cajun Navy, all information must be filled out to have a ticket assigned to a boat that is required to go to that area and complete the rescue. It is with gratitude and honor that Arlen Cenac Jr., Cenac Marine Services and Golden Ranch Whitetails, would like to thank Connor Breaux, the hundreds of other members of the Cajun Navy, and each individual near and far that is doing all they can to provide assistance to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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