Meet Giraffe, the Giraffe

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Golden Ranch Farms is unique in itself, spanning across 50,000 acres and hosting an array of Louisiana wildlife.  However, we are lucky to have a little-known jewel that makes us even more unique than one might think.  Meet Giraffe the Giraffe.  That’s right, her name is Giraffe and she’s a girl.  Mr. Benny Cenac has a special love for giraffes and she is definitely a beauty. Look at how she towers over those Louisiana Oaks.  Giraffe gets to roam around several acres of the ranch and gets extra special treatment from all of our employees, especially Mr. Cenac.  She is spoiled to say the least.

Giraffes are majestic creatures that hold a special place in our hearts at Golden Ranch Farms.  Considering everyone’s fascination with the beautiful species, we thought we’d share some fun facts.

  1. The gestational period of a giraffe can be up to 15 months. This is why we were waiting so long for April the Giraffe to have baby Oliver. In the wild, they typically try to hide their pregnancies so as not to have their calves become prey.   They also give birth standing up.
  2. Baby giraffes are typically able to stand and walk within an hour of being born.
  3. They also require up to 75lbs of food a day. That means most of their day is spent grazing to keep up with their needs.
  4. They are the tallest land animal on earth. Female giraffes can weigh between 1,600 and 2,600 lbs and can grow as high as 16 feet tall.
  5. Most health giraffes can live up to 25 years in the wild.
  6. They can run short distances pretty quickly. Their speed can reach up to 35 miles per hour.

To learn more about one of our favorite animals, besides whitetail deer of course, visit the following sites.

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